Peeping Tom
Scenography, light design and technique. The second chapter in the trilogy Vader- Moeder- Kind. 
A space turning from museum to hospital to funeral home. An abscent mother, a dive in subconsious imagination, humour, nightmares.

Direction: Gabriela Carrizo 
Creation & performance: Simon Versnel, Yichun Liu, Charlotte Clamens, Brandon Lagaert, HunMok Jung, Maria Carolina Veira, Marie Gyselbrecht, Eurudike De Beul 
Costume & artistic assistence: Diane Foudrinier - Dramaturgy & directorial assistence: Franck Chartier 
Light design: Giacomo Gorini - Sound design: Raphael Latini - Technical coördination: Filip Timmerman
Set construction: KVS - Set painting: Alexander Obolensky & Ina Peeters
Technicians: Hjorvar Rognvaldson, Johan Vandenborn, Marie Vandecasteele

"Amber Vandenhoeck’s set is a marvellous thing to behold, morphing as it does from museum/art gallery to labour room to recording studio to funeral parlour." 

"Moeder (Mother)’s imagery is a brilliant mix of naturalistic observation and weirdness, sometimes gruesome and often very funny."

All pictures by Danilo Moroni at dress rehearsal, Barbican London
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