Scenographer, light and set designer based in Antwerp, Belgium.

After various studies and jobs in 2009 I started touring worldwide with renowned dance company Peeping Tom. Quite fast I started to design their remarkable sets. This was when I learned what I love doing the most. Creating fascinating spaces for untold stories. Taking elements from reality and turning them into bizarre other worlds of imagination. As big as possible. That is what I have done ever since.

I design by making sketches and architectural scale models. Using foamboard, paper, Sketchup and Photoshop, I create a space that is both interesting as an image and offers possibilities to the director to set his piece. 
Feeling at ease with graphic techniques I use them as a designing tool as well as stage material, using realistic large size prints, collages, stencils or serial screenprinting.
I love to wander through cities, absorbing atmospheres, watching people, intrigued by architecture and urban developement, staring at spaces and photographing empty walls.

You can contact me for set and light design, as well for large scale print design, productional & technical advice, workshops or lectures.
+32 498 712 084

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