La Voix humaine // l'heure espagnole
Opera Zuid

Stage design for a double bill opera evening.
Two women longing for love, in a different way. Two times the same space with high white walls. One time empty and closed, the second part filled until the top with
ticking clocks.

Due to the pandemic Opera Zuid switched to a live streamed première, broadcasted from their studio in Maastricht.

Music: Francis Poulenc // Maurice Ravel
Stage direction: Béatrice Lachaussée
Musical direction: Karel Deseure
Cast: Talar Dekrmanjian, Romie Estèves, Michael Wilmering, Alexandre Diakoff, Peter Gijsbertsen, Gilles Ragon
Costume design: Jorine van Beek
Light design: Glen D'haenens
Dramaturgy: Willem Bruls
Assistents: Lauriane Tissot, Bas van Yperen (intern)

(Full version online until 26-06-21)
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